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Global Power Generation (GPG) and Naturgy Group have an extensive experience in developing and operating renewable projects worldwide. The wide renewable portfolio includes projects not only in Australia but also in other countries such as Spain, Chile, Brazil, etc. Click on the links below to further know about these other reference projects.

other reference projects

Project: Berrybank 1 wind farm
Location: Berrybank (Vic, Australia)
Turbines & capacity: 43 units – 180 MW
Status: Operational since June 2021

Project: Crookwell 2 wind farm
Location: Goulburn (NSW, Australia)
Turbines & capacity: 28 units – 91 MW
Status: Operational since December 2018

Project: Cabo Leones 2 wind farm (51% GPG, 49% Ibereolica)
Location: Freirina (Atacama, Chile)
Turbines & capacity: 49 units – 206 MW
Status: Operational since December 2020

Project: San Pedro photovoltaic farm
Location: Calama (Antofagasta, Chile)
Modules & capacity: 234.696 units – 110 MW
Status: Operational since December 2020

Project: 250 photovoltaic plan (5 projects)
Location: Castilla La Mancha (Spain)
Modules & capacity: 748.242 units – 249 MW
Status: Operational since October 2019

Project: Galicia wind plan (6 projects)
Location: Galicia (Spain)
Turbines & capacity: 119 units – 231 MW
Status: Operational since December 2019

Project: Castilla León wind plan (9 projects)
Location: Castilla León (Spain)
Turbines & capacity: 110 units – 306 MW
Status: Operational since December 2019

Project: Canarias wind plan (8 projects)
Location: Canary Islands (Spain)
Turbines & capacity: 16 units – 41 MW
Status: Operational since May 2019

Project: Merengue wind farm
Location: Extremadura (Spain)
Turbines & capacity: 15 units – 40 MW
Status: Operational since February 2019

Project: Tesorillo wind farm
Location: Andalucía (Spain)
Turbines & capacity: 12 units – 26 MW
Status: Operational since December 2019

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Detailed information about the Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing Plan associated to the project during the Construction and Operation phases can be found here 

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