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Global Power Generation, as part of the Naturgy Group, is committed to sustainability and environmental protection and the need to make efficient use of natural resources when delivering energy.


To protect the environment, Global Power Generation goes beyond its legal and regulatory requirements, producing robust, science-based plans, involving suppliers, and working with different stakeholders to promote the responsible use of energy.

Backed by strong Corporate Environmental Policy, our commitments are:


  • Contribute to sustainable development through eco-efficiency and sensible use of natural energy resources to minimise environmental impact, boosting innovation and making use of the best available technologies and processes.
  • Help to mitigate and adapt to climate change by using renewable and low-carbon energies, promoting energy saving and efficiency, applying new technologies.
  • Integrating environmental criteria in business processes, new projects, activities, products and services.
  • Minimise adverse effects on ecosystems and foster conservation of biodiversity.
  • Promote efficient and responsible use of water.
  • Guarantee the prevention of contamination.

    These commitments complement and parallel Naturgy’s global culture of sustainability and environmental protection. To achieve these goals, we will:

    • Proactively hunt to eliminate environmental hazards and improve on existing conditions
    • Train our employees to think green inside and outside of work
    • Strive for constant improvement
    • Support and boost capability for our local Emergency Response Agencies
    • Reduce and manage our hydrocarbon usage
    • Help reduce local pest plant and animal numbers
    • Protect our native flora and fauna
    • Manage and monitor effects on the local waterways
    • Keep the air clean
    • Maintain quiet and peaceful surrounds

    For details on how Global Power Generation commits to these practices, see our relevant documentation page:

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